At MoneyServSM our check cashing services allow you to cash checks of any type – payroll, government, Social Security, SSI, unemployment, Veteran’s benefit checks, income tax refunds, money orders, insurance settlement checks, checks made payable to a company, and so much more! Our convenient check cashing service doesn't require a bank account so you can get your cash without the hassle.

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Send & Receive
Money Transfers

Send money anywhere in the U.S.A. and to over 200 countries worldwide including Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, China, Jamaica, Philippines, Costa Rica, India and countries in Africa. Search our MoneyServSM services by location section to find which locations offer MoneyGram and which offer Western Union. Call a store or our main toll free number to ensure a fast and easy transaction.

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Pay All
Your Bills

Pay all your bills on-time with our same day express or normal processing service options. We work with hundreds of billers, so for all your bills such as utilities, loans and credit cards, you can make one stop to get them paid and save on the postage. Just bring in your latest bill or account number, and our friendly MoneyServSM staff will get it done.

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Buy Money Orders

Purchase your money order at any MoneyServSM location with cash. A money order is a widely accepted form of payment and you'll get a receipt of your transaction, which means it is traceable if lost. If you prefer to pay bills using money orders, we can even provide stamps and envelopes so you can get it all conveniently done in one spot.

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Buy, Load, &
Unload Prepaid

PREPAID DEBIT CARDS - We can help you pick a prepaid MasterCard or Visa that best fits your lifestyle. Use it to shop online or by phone, at restaurants, for Uber, car rentals and more. You can even arrange to have your payroll, government benefits or tax refund direct deposited on the card.

PREPAID PHONE MINUTES & TOP UPS - You can purchase and reload just about any prepaid domestic or international phone card at any MoneyServSM location.

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Sell Unused
Gift Cards

Have unused gift cards? Need cash fast? Sell your gift cards for cash at any MoneyServSM location near you. Gift cards are a popular gift for birthday’s, Christmas, Easter, graduation and many other events, so it’s likely you have some plastic gift card to a store you’ll never use sitting around. Just bring them to us, it’s super-convenient and we’ll make you an offer right on the spot and, if you accept, you’ll get paid—instantly!

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You’ll find an ATM in every MoneyServSM located in safe climate controlled environment. You can access your cash immediately for a very low fee. Get cash, check your available balance and get a receipt on one of our self-serve ATM’s.

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Debit Cash Back

Unload your debit and prepaid cards. We accept most debit cards. Fees apply. Ask your teller today! Unload up to $9,000 !

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Cash Checks Payable
To Your Business

The fastest way to cash checks made payable to your business, no matter how large. No matter what type of business you’re in, we can improve your cash flow with instant access to cash from checks made payable to your company. No bank account is necessary and you never need to maintain any minimum balances that can tie up your cash. We can even provide payroll distribution solutions for your employees without the need to set up a costly bank account.

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On-Site Payroll Check Cashing

Our armored trucks come to your work site cashing employee payroll checks, employees return to work with little time loss. It’s a bank on wheels coming to you, complete with teller windows and a friendly smile. There’s no risk to your company, checks are cashed with our company’s cash reserves. We are approved and licensed by the States of New Jersey and Connecticut, Department of Banking.

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